TPO Metal Retrofit

Over time, metal roofing systems can rust, corrode and develop leaks around joints and fasteners. These issues can develop from poor installation or normal weathering. Many times, leaky metal roofs are patched with caulk, tape or coating—however, these are often only short-term fixes.

A metal roof offers the temptation of low installation cost, but over time that tempting low cost begins to prove why it may have been so low to begin with: costly upkeep, fastener back-out and rust. Considering coatings and spray-on foam is an option; however, this option often has to be repeated every three to five years, and poorly applied spray foams can result in excessive amounts of ponding water. Starting over with a new roof system may be an option, but replacing a metal roof comes with added risks, including disruption of building operations and exposure of the interior to the possibility of leaks.

Insulation is a key component in Dunlop's metal retrofit system. With the proper insulation, buildings experience significantly increased R-values, which lead to decreased energy costs. The energy savings realized help to recoup installation costs in just a few years. The use of insulation moves the building’s dew point to where it belongs — above the roof. This helps to eliminate problems associated with deteriorating BAT insulation that has been installed under the metal roof deck.

The solution is clear — extend your roof’s life, increase your energy efficiency and reduce your lifecycle costs

The Result