TPO Roof Membrane
The Membrane is a Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) based product that is reinforced with a polyester scrim and is sandwiched by two layers of tough thermoplastic polyolefin.

Elastomeric Flexibility
The TPO roof membrane exhibits elastomeric features that easily accommodate buildings' normal expansion and contraction. 

The combination of the polyester scrim and the sheet reinforcement allow up to 25% rate of expansion and contraction.

Energy Savings
The TPO Product has a superior ability to reflect the Sun's UV and reduces the amount of energy that is needed to run HVAC equipment. 

This contributes to a cleaner, cooler environment and adds up to huge saving sin energy cost for your facility.

Chemical Resistance
TPO is extremely resistant to a host of chemicals and liquids normally exhausted to the roofs' surface. 

The TPO product is non-biodegradable and is extremely chemical resistant to numerous synthetic oil based

and petroleum based products.  Consult your Dunlop representative for more information.

Seam Strength
The TPO Roof System relies on heat welded seams and national industry testing has proven that the heat welded seams are

the strongest in the roof industry, and the end result is less overall problems with water infiltration to the roof assembly.

Environmentally Safe
The TPO Roof System is extremely safe, no open flames associated with roof installation and no fumes for buildings with ongoing operations.